27 January 2012 @ 06:11 pm
Ninomiya Kazunari New MOVIE!!!!~ ”Platinum Data“.  
On January 26th, it was announced that Ninomiya Kazunari (28) from Arashi will be starring in an upcoming movie titled,”Platinum Data“.

“Platinum Data” is based on a novel by famed writer Higashino Keigo. Set in 2017, it tells the story of a young brilliant scientist named Kagura Ryohei (Ninomiya), who works as a DNA specialist for the National Police Agency in the newly created underwater DNA data center. One day, he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in the murder case of the developer of the new DNA investigation system. Having no memory of what actually happened, Kagura ends up on the run from the police.

Ninomiya commented, “It’s an incredible story that lets you take a look at a not too distant future… It’s an honor to be involved in this project.”

It was also announced that the detective in charge of the pursuit, Asama Reiji, will be played by actor Toyokawa Etsushi.

“I’m really happy to be able to work with Toyokawa. I can learn so many things from him,” Ninomiya said. “I’ll immediately start the preparations in order to be able to keep up with him.”

Toyokawa praised Nino commenting, “I’ve always thought of Ninomiya as a wonderful and young actor with a great individuality, from whom I can still learn a couple of things myself. I can’t wait to interact with him.”

The filming will begin in February, giving Ninomiya just enough time to study the latest reports about DNA research. Aside from the science factor, the movie promises to include various dynamic action scenes. Distributor Toho stated that they want to create an epic mystery on the level of a Hollywood movie.

“Platinum Data” is not set to release until 2013.

wow, isn't this awesome???? what do you guys think about this? after Gantz and Ooku, I was kinda wishing for him to concentrate on dramas but him doing movies is always a treat, not to mention that lately he's been given a lot of good roles :D

I hope we find more news about this film...

let your imaginations run wild..


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way to go NINO!! >_<