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[OPEN!!] 5x17 Anniversary Project!

umm.. i dont want to type much.
download fast before i private em..
enjoy this celebration -3- *throw confetti~<3*

FNS 2016 - Uta No Natsu Matsuri
Arashi - Beautiful Day HQ

type : AVI
duration : 3.10 mins
size : 356MB
download link!oU8l1RZT!wqdNTH2MznIgq8GBqe_giymgBB7gkiWynq4aF8zzwJM

Japonism Live Tour DVD CUT
Ohno Satoshi - Akatsuki HQ

type : AVI
duration : 3.51mins
size : 110MB
download link!NEMDmaRQ!Qi-yN8Lu5FOjepX8GiYom_N5CUkNVN8S6xVML_noll8

feel free to pm me if any problems occur to the files ^^

plss keep these files personal.. i want to continue subbing.. so plss respect subber's rules...
please do not hot-linking,
please do not post these on streaming sites.. (youtube, dailymotion, ect)
if YOU BREAK the rules.. i'll delete all of these <3


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Thank you very much for sharing.:)

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Thank you!

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thank so much for sharing this~~
and also, Selamat hari Malaysia 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇

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Thank you!!!
I loved Ohno's performance, it's my favorite out of all the members!^^

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Thank you so much for sharing ♥

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thank you so much for this <3

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Thanks for sharing :D

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thank you