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2016-09-16 02:15 am
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[OPEN!!] 5x17 Anniversary Project!

umm.. i dont want to type much.
download fast before i private em..
enjoy this celebration -3- *throw confetti~<3*

FNS 2016 - Uta No Natsu Matsuri
Arashi - Beautiful Day HQ

type : AVI
duration : 3.10 mins
size : 356MB
download link!oU8l1RZT!wqdNTH2MznIgq8GBqe_giymgBB7gkiWynq4aF8zzwJM

Japonism Live Tour DVD CUT
Ohno Satoshi - Akatsuki HQ

type : AVI
duration : 3.51mins
size : 110MB
download link!NEMDmaRQ!Qi-yN8Lu5FOjepX8GiYom_N5CUkNVN8S6xVML_noll8

feel free to pm me if any problems occur to the files ^^

plss keep these files personal.. i want to continue subbing.. so plss respect subber's rules...
please do not hot-linking,
please do not post these on streaming sites.. (youtube, dailymotion, ect)
if YOU BREAK the rules.. i'll delete all of these <3

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2014-01-13 10:29 pm

[Hey3] Arashi- Bittersweet HD RAW

Oh my.. they looks sooo cuuuuute!!!! @-@
btw i dont want to talk much soo... here is it! :)

they looks soo cool aren't they!?

enough of it!! here is the link! :D
do credit me when you post this vid elsewhere.. :)
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2014-01-08 10:21 pm

[LQ] KagiHeya SP making *RAW

sorry for the low quality...
but here it is
KagiHeya SP )

i wish someone will sub it! juz saying xD

but when you are subbing it.. tell me coz i want it!! :))
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2014-01-06 09:32 pm
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LOVE con Arashi

i got this picture from my friend.. she said she took this from love con during opening... is it true!!!!!???


KAWAIII~~~~~ >/////<

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2014-01-01 01:55 pm

64th [2013.12.31] [Kouhaku Uta Gassen] Arashi Endless Game + Breathless Perf HD *RAW

last night performance was great right!? especially Arashi! they look sooo cool! maji cool!
cuttinf edge 4

and this one impressed me the MOST!!
cuttinf edge 1
cuttinf edge 2
cuttinf edge 3

btw.... here is the link for download
KORE YOO~ <3 <3 )
btw,, the gift credit to tumblr :)

anyway.. Happy New Year Minna~!
pic credit to KazuOhmiya@fb :)
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2013-12-28 05:23 pm

Arashi - One Love, Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi and PARADOX + TALK HD

iyaaaa......... too much coolness~ and there is Ohmiya too.. >///<

link under the CUT! :)

but before that... OHMIYAAAAA~~~~~!!!!!!

okay here is the link.. :3
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2012-01-28 07:59 am


i juz loove your Ohmiya User pic [ profile] blacklady_chan!! 
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2012-01-23 09:00 pm

Arashi New SINGLE!!!~

order it for online noowwww~
it is a Limited Edition n Regular Edition.... 

Limited Edition 


1.[CD] ワイルド アット ハートWild At Heart
2.[CD] タイトル未定ANew Song (A) (Title is to be announced)
3.[DVD] ワイルド アット ハート (ビデオ・クリップ)[DVD] Wild At Heart (music video)
LE Link ----->

Regular Edition


1.ワイルド アット ハートWild At Heart
2.タイトル未定BNew Song (B) (Title is to be announced)
3.タイトル未定CNew Song (C) (Title is to be announced)
4.ワイルド アット ハート (オリジナル・カラオケ)Wild At Heart (karaoke)
5.タイトル未定B (オリジナル・カラオケ)New Song (B) (Title is to be announced) (karaoke)
6.タイトル未定C (オリジナル・カラオケ)New Song (C) (Title is to be announced) (karaoke)
RE Link ---->